Starting up

Get Started Quickly

We built Web3 CLI to make developing blockchain solutions as easy and quick as possible. Our Command-line tool makes building and deploying a breeze.

web3 contract build hello.solweb3 contract deploy Hello.binHello contract has been deployed at 0x....web3 contract call --address 0xCONTRACT_ADDRESS --abi Hello.abi --function helloHello!
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Tools & Resources

In addition to building the Wechian platform, we’ve tried to help make the blockchain developer experience as pleasant as possible. This resulted in us creating several tools that can be used to help you build more easily on Wechian. If you have additional questions or needs feel free to ask on our Developer Telegram group.

Upgradeable Smart Contracts

To help protect assets and allow more adoptable blockchain solutions.

Decentralized Identity Framework

An example of how to create a decentralized identity and issue credentials.


Helpful Resources

Issue a Digital Token on Wechian

Deploy a token contract on Wechian then issue tokens to your users using our easy to use tools.

Purchase $WEVR Tokens

To use the Wechian public network, you’ll need $WEVR. Find out where to purchase tokens.

Why Wechian?

Learn what makes Wechian unique as a company and blockchain protocol